Sunday, March 29, 2009

High Page Count Printing Defined

High Page Count Printing Defined:

1.) Documents that kill your printer. Cause you to scream, grip, and stress-out while trying to print yourself. That sound your machine is making can't be good. Neither is the smell. And you get to jog together a pile of heat curled papers, too. How big is that stapler anyway?

2.) Documents that cost an arm and a leg to print at a Kinko's or office supply store. Drive there to pay $100. No thanks. I'll read it online.

3.) Documents that would catch the eye of someone at your office if you tried to print it there. Do you really want your coworkers to watch you turn the office machine into your own printshop?
"Umm, yea, who printed that family history book that broke the copier? I'm going to have to ask you to come in on Saturday and print those TPS reports..."

But seriously, we'd coin the phrase "High page count printing" to mean some document that is too big to print yourself for whatever reason. It's probably a little different for everyone.

As far as is concerned, the page count really doesn't matter. We can print any file regardless of page count, bind and mail it for 3.5¢ per page ($11.99 min).

Just remember, if the PDF is over 800 pages, we'll punch 3 holes in it to use in a binder (not included, sorry, had to mention that), instead of binding it.

So keep those big files coming!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

What are you printing at

When we created this site, we had in mind people who needed to print high page count documents like open source computer manuals.

These are pdf's with hundreds of pages, so they need to be printed double-sided and spiral bound. Usually, this meant a trip to Kinko's...until came along, that is.

Since we opened, we've seen more than a few pdf's from computer programmers like we thought. We've printed some legal documents for attorneys, government documents for politicians (really fat stuff llike the Stimulus bill, for example), and even some documents for RPG gamers.

What else do you think could be great for?

Free PDF Conversion Methods

So you have a document you want to print on, but it's not a PDF...What do you do? Well, there are many ways to turn that file into a PDF.

First, if you have a full version of Adobe Acrobat, then you are in luck. But I suppose that if you had that (or the $700 for the full version), you wouldn't be here right now.

Second, the same goes if you are using a mac. PDF conversion is built into the print function in OS X. Simply open the file in your app, click print, and instead of doing what you usually do, just click the button on the left and choose "Save as..PDF". You will have to note where you are saving it to, or rename & change the location yourself. That's it. Simple.

Now, what if you've got a PC and don't want to spend the money for Acrobat 9? You're in luck. There are many conversion programs that are free. Some you install on your PC (good if you plan to do this alot) Others are hosted online (better if need it fast and you don't want to install programs on your computer)

Here are a few of them:

Free Online Services:

1.) PrimoPDF (

2.) PDF Converter (

3.) PDF Online (

Free Downloadable Programs:

1.) doPDF (

2.) PrimoPDF (

3.) CutePDF (

If you have already used any of these PDF conversion apps or services, let me know how they worked for you.