Wednesday, April 8, 2009

CFO's, Meet PM1

Unbeknownst to most office cubicle dwellers, the CFO is the guy who knows how much it costs to run everything in the office from the inkjet to the copier, and from the water cooler to the electric bill.

He's probably the guy who also looks at the overall printing costs in the company. It would be a great exercise to find out how much it costs per page to print a document internally, then compare it to's prices.

We have already shown how much you can save using instead of using Kinko's (aka FedexOfficePrintOnline), but we think we are also surprisingly less costly than some internal "production print" systems.

If you have a CFO, ask him if it you are paying more than $0.04 per print. See what he says and let me know. You may very well save thousands by printing online via's PDF printing service.

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