Wednesday, December 23, 2009 Store Update

Just a quick note. Over on, the Senate 3590 bill now includes the 383 page Manager's Amendment.

If you are keeping track, Sen. 3590 is 2,074 pages all by itself. With the Manager's Amendment, the document is 2,457 combined pages.

We are also offering a "2-up" version of this document. This version reduces the weight (and price!) of these high page count documents. When we print it "2-up", we reformat the document so two pages of the bill appear side-by side on the same page. We punch them for use in a binder.

The 2-up pages are aligned "heel to toe" (aka "Tumble" format), so they can be read without turning the binder when you turn the page. (Binder not included.)

Here's a sample video of this type of format used on the House version of the health care bill, H.R. 3962:

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