Sunday, July 25, 2010

File sizes for

The code update we made yesterday has really improved the reliability for all pdf's that had previously been unable to use

The question we've been asked now is what is the maximum filesize that can be uploaded?

We've successfully tested 50mb, 100mb, and 130 mb files.

The important thing to remember if you have a very large pdf is that our progress bar is a little wonky with large files. The indicator bar may say 100% uploaded, but the screen stays unchanged for 15 or 20 minutes. That's normal if you have a big file. Just be patient.

In our tests, the 94 mb file too 15 minutes, and the 130 mb file took 22 minutes. That's going to vary for everyone depending on the connection type you have. The point is that it's probably going work if you are under 200mb, but will take awhile.

So like the note on the site says, "Relax. Kick Back. It's working."

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