Simple print Distribution & Order Fulfillment for PDF Creators- using and

Hey PM1 Fans,

Have you written a PDF you would like to distribute in print to your US users?  Do you sell PDF's you created on your own web store, and would like an easy way to have them fulfilled to US addresses in print?

printMe1 is an easy way to distribute your PDF's in print to a small user base. Here's how:

As our regular users already know, our checkout uses PayPal, and we ship to your address in PayPal.
Changing the shipping address in PayPal is really easy during your payment process.

At the "Ship To", where you will see the PayPal account owner's name, just click "Change", then "Add Address", and you will see this:

Just put in the new recipient's name & address here, and presto!, your print ships to them. You'll still receive the tracking info to your primary PayPal email address.

So if you have written a book you are selling and have sales you need fulfill, it's really simple to just upload to printMe1. com, and then add in your customer's name and address in PayPal's shipping address for each order.

Then does the printing, binding, packaging (meticulously), and shipping just by uploading to our site. It's that easy!

This also works for distributing building plans to a client or contractor using our service.

This saves time compared with other options where you either need to create a full-blown store, or you have to take on all of the fulfillment & distribution on your own.

If you already sell through your own website, this hack is an easy way to fulfill occasional sales of your PDF's in print form without taking on any additional integration.