printMe1's Binding Types

All of the binding types offered by printMe1 on one handy page below, along with the max page count for each binding type.

Each binding type has a different limit of max pages that can fit, and our site will only display as options the binding types that fit your PDF's page count.  Our page counts assume double-sided pages and count each side of a page. There are 2 pages per sheet. Covers are assumed in addition to the page count limits.

Note that all bindings include a clear cover and black back cover. Options "3HP" and "No Binding" do not come with covers.

GBC Comb- Up to 800 Pages 

Our "Standard". The GBC Comb bind is the Classic. It's hefty. Sturdy. Docs can lay flat.  Our largest size holds 800 double-sided pages.

Side View (GBC Comb)

Plastic Coil- Up to 400 Pages

This type is a plastic coil spun onto pre-punched paper. Docs can lay flat. Our max size holds 400 double sided pages.

Side View (Plastic Coil)

Velo- Up to 900 Pages

This is a unique binding. Two plastic strips are welded at 3 spindle points that hold it all together. This binding hold the most pages of all the bindings we offer at 900 double-sided pages. This binding is firm and difficult to lay flat. Behaves more like a book.

Side View (Velo)

Wire-O- Up to 400 Pages

This is a metal comb that bends around the pre-punched sheets. The comb is like a metallic outline of the GBC Comb. It has a cool style to it, and the document will lay flat also. Our max comb holds 400 double-sided pages.

Side View (Wire-o)

3 Hole Punch (3HP)- No Page Limit

Our last one is old 3HP. Use this for stuff you already have a binder for.  Binder Not Included

Side View (3HP)


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