How to Print, Build, or Distribute PDF's at

Here's a quick review of How to Print, Build, or Distribute PDF's at

1.) Just want a print of your PDF?

Start on the main page of
Click "Try Us Now".
Upload and check out. 

Cost: $11.99 gets you 100 BW pages printed, bound, and shipped to your US mailbox. Extra pages just 3.9¢. Color printing and other binding options available for an additional charge, and still cheaper than anywhere else, and shipping is included in our pricing.

2.) Want to combine multiple pdf's, add page numbers, remove pages, or add a table of contents to your pdf's?

Start at our PDF Builder.
Upload your PDF('s), make your changes or additions, download a proof.

Cost: Free. Then print at

3.) Teaching with a PDF you have the rights to print and want printMe1's service to be a print option for your students or bookstore? 

Start at our PDF Portal.
Create your PDF Portal account, or login.
Upload your PDF for us to review to make sure its yours, open licensed, or public domain.
(Use PDF Builder first to mash up multiple pdf's if you like.)

Cost for PDF Portal hosting: Free.  

Example of total costs to your students for a 250 page PDF, BW printed, bound, and shipped to their US mailbox= $17.84 each. Full color is $58.54. 

If you have additional questions on how to use this in a classroom, please contact us here.

4.) Want us to distribute a book or manual you wrote and are selling in the US through your own site? 

It's easy. Just checkout normally, and put in your buyers address in Paypal's checkout, and we ship to them.

Also, Contact us here to request how we can set up to recognize your orders and always remove our printMe1 invoice and branding from the box, if you want.

5.) Questions?

Please check our FAQ here