Meet the new member of the PM1 Family- is a version of designed for building & construction professionals.

Geared to provide a simple PDF printing service for users of engineering formats of Arch C (18"x24"), Arch D (24"x36"), Arch E1 (30"x42"), & Arch E (36"x48"), makes it easy to get engineering PDF's printed &  shipped to your US Mailbox just like, but with a few additional enhancements for the building & construction industries.

These users occasionally are receiving multi-page PDF's they need to get prints from, but sometimes don't want every page in the PDF. So for them, we took the platform, and added a "burst" feature, where every page appears as thumbnail, which can be clicked to deselect or reselect it in the print job. Mousing over a thumb will expand it to better help see which page it is. 

Then the selected pages are send over to checkout. Users can also upload multiple PDF's at the same time & combine them in the same order as long as they are the same print size. Sets of the final selection can be ordered in any quantity, with stapling as a binding option. 

Checkout is the same as via Paypal. 

Printing is in two business days or less, and shipping is via USPS 2-3 Day Priority, so users can expect their order in a week or less anywhere in the USA. 

The same distribution & fulfillment hack we posted about for also works for, so architects, engineers and other document creators can us it to conveniently distribute sets to any client in the US just by uploading to, and changing the name and address in their PayPal "Ship To". More info here.