printMe1 & Sustainability

We've all seen the little tag line some people put on their emails. "Think about the environment before you print this email." -Or- "Save a tree. Don't print this email."

There is  a common misconception that printing is not good for the environment, but it's actually the opposite. 

Users of print are in fact improving the environment, not harming it. Use print with confidence that is not only not harmful to the environment, but is actually beneficial to the environment. 

When you support print, you are supporting sustainable forestry as well.  From the forest to the mill for paper and packaging, to the printshop, and finally to your mailbox. This entire process is based on the foundation of growing trees and plants for a valuable use, then growing more, not just consuming them.

(From: The power of sustainable forests | Kathy Abusow | TEDxWilmington")

Read more below to understand the steps takes to provide a sustainable product.

Our Paper Grows Trees.

The paper and packaging we use is purchased from a certified supplier of FSC™, SFI® or PEFC® papers, or if the paper is not from a North American forestry resource, the paper manufacturer has provided significant and verifiable information to confirm the sustainability of their process.  Double A is an example of a non-certified paper we are currently using for our Black and White printing. (Note- this changes from time to time.)

The paper in's products should be viewed as a responsibly managed crop that is harvested and replanted, rather than a resource that is expended. 

Using paper from sustainable sources means the forest land will continue for be used for the purpose of growing trees and plants, and not cleared to be used for something else less environmentally beneficial.

While growing in forests and tree farms, those trees and plants grown for use in paper-based industries provide a habitat for nature & wildlife, consume carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, and produce oxygen for us to breathe. 

Example: According to the manufacturer here, A ream of Double A paper has removed 27 pounds of Co2 from the atmosphere during it's journey to your print.

By using paper and print, you are supporting the growth and renewal of habitats in North America like this: 

Our Toner is Made from Plant-Based Components that are Grown, Recycled Waste.

Talking about something typically made our of plastic like toner is, well, usually boring. But not ours... Our black and white printing process uses a plant-based polymerized toner, made from a biomass resource that is renewable, and also requires less energy during the printing process when your prints are made.

The image quality is superior to toners made from pulverized plastic, making your prints look great too.

Waste toner is collected in PET containers and returned to the manufacturer for reuse.

Our Packaging is Part of A Sustainable Industry, & 100% Recyclable.

The materials we use for packaging are chosen because they are from sustainable sources. Our main product is 99% paper based, so why not apply that to our packaging? We do!

Our cardboard and kraft paper used for packaging, wrapping and filler come from sustainable sources, so your use of our products has a long-term benefit for the environment.

 The tape we use is made of paper. All of the packaging we use is easy to recycle. Paper can be reused 5-7 times before wood fibers break down. 

Your prints are easy to recycle as well. Just dispose of them responsibly and get them back into print!