's BUILD Feature Explained

Our BUILD feature allows you to:

•Combine PDF's into one single print file.

•Deselect any pages you don't want.

•Automatically add blanks to maintain chapterization, so each PDF file starts on the right like it should in a book when printed double-sided, like we do automatically at

•Go to our checkout with your edited, combined PDF file to print at or- choose download to proof, or save your new, combined & edited PDF file.'s Build feature explained- video:

Here's how:

1.) Start by clicking the "BUILD" link at the top of the menu bar.

2.) Choose PDF files from your device you want to work from. Use the little blue arrows on the right to change the file order. With your PDF files uploaded and in the order you would like them to appear, click to advance to Select Pages.

3.)  With Select Pages, you can hover over to view thumbnails of each page in your pdfs, and click to deselect any you do not want to include in your print PDF. The default is to select all.

Note: You can also click to "deselect all" and then hover and click the thumbs of the pages you want to add.

4.) Toggle to other PDF's in your upload to view those thumbnails.

Use the yellow button to go back if you want to change the set order.

5.) Continue to Preview.

This is all pages of your edited PDFs preparing to be combined into one single PDF.

6.) At Set Preview, you can click to "Ensure each PDF starts on the right".

This special feature will add a blank at the end of any PDF with an odd page count to then allow the 1st page of the next PDF to begin on the right hand side of your print, like it should in a book.

In this example, we had two single page pdf files, and by clicking the box, the site added a blank at the end of each file.

Click "Build My PDF" to advance.

7.) After your PDF is built, you can choose to print or download. Clicking Print takes you to checkout at If you click download, you can preview your edited pdf to proof or distribute.

Enjoy Print!