Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Printme1 Engine is designed to be simple. Upload your PDF file, tell us how many you want, then checkout. So we needed a scripting language that would let us keep it simple.

We've used php in other projects, but this time we went back to good old Perl.

The main advantage of perl over php that we found is that perl can be tweaked to handle large file uploads without requiring root access to the host server.

So we were able to design Printme1 to operate in a shared hosting environment. This saves tons of money little start-up like us...and makes it easier to deliver the service at a lower price of the big time websites like Kinko's, Lulu, and the office stores.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Printme1! is a simple PDF printing service that we developed in December 2008 as easy way to print handbooks, manuals, and reports in a nice book like format. Here's how it got started.

We were looking around at at other printing sites and noticed that most of the big players were a bit of a hassle to use. Those big players all required their users to register, log-in, and then force them click through dozens of print options. These sites all use some kind of file conversion system that can take any file and turn it into a PDF.

To convert files into PDF's on any website, you need a great deal of computing power. Servers, software, and people to manage all of that. Those are big costs to recoup. And once you get to that point, it's easy to start adding in features that complicate the typical experience. But people who have PDF's don't need this feature and are paying for it anyway.

So the idea was to design a simple site targeted at people who have multi-page PDF files and want them printed like a book or manual. Avoid all of the hassle and costs of the big guys. And then pass the savings on to the users.

The format is standard for all orders: regular sized, high quality 20# white paper, printed in black & white, back-to back, and bound with a standard GBC comb with a clear front cover & sturdy black back cover. Simple!

We used Paypal because you already store your own payment & shipping info there, which lets you use our site without the need to remember another username & password combo. Again, simple!

So that's what we are trying to do here with Please give us a try and let us know how we are doing sometime on our Facebook page.

Also, if you like our service, please do us a favor and tell your friends. The best advertising we use is from mentions in forums, blogs, and other social media. We really appreciate that!