Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Trying to Read HR 3200 Online

We were trying to read the proposed health care bill posted on the energy and commerce committee website (H.R. 3200). We were interested until we realized it was 1,017 pages long. Our eyes were shot by the time we got to page 100. That's when we realized two things.

First, it's really difficult to read lengthy documents online. You get tired. Scrolling through the pdf was difficult. And there was no simple way we could figure to make notes or mark a page.

Second, HR 3200 is the perfect example of what we call high page count printing. This is the kind of printing that is too difficult to print at home or on a small office printer. The Printme1 engine was designed to let people get quality prints of their own PDF's, double-sided and in a book-like format.

We printed one out for ourselves today. It is a beast, even double sided. it's more than a ream of paper. (More than two reams if you try it at home.)

But it was much easier to read "onpaper", rather than online.