Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why One file= One Job

We had someone ask yesterday how they can include multiple pdf's in one order, and have them bound separately. It's a very reasonable question that comes up from time to time. We thought we would post the answer here for reference.

The short answer right now from us is just to keep it simple. One Job=One File.

The long answer is that the site was originally designed to print large manuals, where most jobs would be large enough to be worth it to pay at least the minimum to print a job with us.

We later added the capability to allow multiple copies. That was pretty easy to do without adding much complexity. One Job = (still) One File. Now we just vary how many of that same file. In this case, the same download and the same machine programming exist for the same job, plus it's the same binding comb. We have lots of box sizes, so that's not a problem either.

But, it gets trickier if multiple files come in for the same order. We suddenly have an undetermined amount of files, different programming instructions, and binding sizes- for each job. That's alot of extra handling to try to work into the system, and for the minimum price.

Hopefully with your continued support, we can further automate this process in the future and consider adding a multiple file feature. It's possible, and something we will consider tackling in the future.

But for now, keeping it simple for us means we can keep the costs down for you.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Updates for &

Ok, so the revision isn't ready yet. Here's what happened. Just as the initial site revisions were completed and ready to go live, we found the solution to the Adobe 9 pdf problem.

This solution was quite complex, and rather than knock ourselves out uploading the revision, with the Acrobat 9 files still failing, we decided to incorporate a revision that includes this solution. So all that means is it's just a little longer. We are still looking for beta testers and will email out to all of you regular users when that's ready.

Over on, not much new there, except that Senate 3590 is the one that everyone is trying to pass now through the budget reconciliation process, so if you need to read up on the current health care bill, Senate 3590 with the managers amendment is the one you want.

More later..