Saturday, March 6, 2010

Updates for &

Ok, so the revision isn't ready yet. Here's what happened. Just as the initial site revisions were completed and ready to go live, we found the solution to the Adobe 9 pdf problem.

This solution was quite complex, and rather than knock ourselves out uploading the revision, with the Acrobat 9 files still failing, we decided to incorporate a revision that includes this solution. So all that means is it's just a little longer. We are still looking for beta testers and will email out to all of you regular users when that's ready.

Over on, not much new there, except that Senate 3590 is the one that everyone is trying to pass now through the budget reconciliation process, so if you need to read up on the current health care bill, Senate 3590 with the managers amendment is the one you want.

More later..