Thursday, October 18, 2012

Print is ok. But the "Print then Distribute" Model isn't.

We noticed the front page news today about Newsweek ending its print version and heard lamentations about the state of the print industry. We are happy to chime in as well.

What's changing is how you get the reading material. Newsweek is designed digitally, then a file is sent to a press or number of presses located to serve a specific geographical region. The files are printed, then mailed. Mailing involves more trucks, people, and takes more time. This is the "Print, then Distribute" model. (We've covered this before here and here.)  What is getting the medias attention is the demise of the printing companies built to serve this model. Phone book printers, greeting card printers, and newspaper & magazine printers are examples.

Nowadays the content is distributed electronically more often as a standard. We all often get pdfs with which we can do with as we please.  Some come with direct and explicit invitations to print a copy for yourself.  This is is "Distribute, then Print,", and this is where comes in.

You get your pdf, and now it's your choice to decide how you want to read it. You can view it on a tablet, laptop, pc, or even print it.  The beauty is that the end user can decide the format they wish.  Nothing wrong with that.

Print is ok.  What's in trouble is someone making you buy a print when you prefer a digital format.

But if you have a file, and you want it printed, is ready.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

You're going to print it anyway.

It's Back to School season. Here's where fits into today's digital educational landscape.

From this article in the USA Today:

"For University of Wisconsin senior Leslie Epstein, having to buy an e-textbook only added to her expenses. She still found herself printing a copy of her textbooks in the two classes that required an electronic version, and said despite the lower price tag of an e-textbook, she'd buy the print version of the text "every time." can fill the gap between digital distribution, and hours of dorm room printing.

Just upload and check out. Your bound PDF is shipped to your Paypal address.  Simple!