Friday, July 7, 2017

printMe1's Binding Types

All of the binding types offered by printMe1 on one handy page below, along with the max page count for each binding type.

Each binding type has a different limit of max pages that can fit, and our site will only display as options the binding types that fit your PDF's page count.  Our page counts assume double-sided pages and count each side of a page. There are 2 pages per sheet. Covers are assumed in addition to the page count limits.

Note that all bindings include a clear cover and black back cover. Options "3HP" and "No Binding" do not come with covers.

GBC Comb- Up to 800 Pages 

Our "Standard". The GBC Comb bind is the Classic. It's hefty. Sturdy. Docs can lay flat.  Our largest size holds 800 double-sided pages.

Side View (GBC Comb)

Plastic Coil- Up to 400 Pages

This type is a plastic coil spun onto pre-punched paper. Docs can lay flat. Our max size holds 400 double sided pages.

Side View (Plastic Coil)

Velo- Up to 900 Pages

This is a unique binding. Two plastic strips are welded at 3 spindle points that hold it all together. This binding hold the most pages of all the bindings we offer at 900 double-sided pages. This binding is firm and difficult to lay flat. Behaves more like a book.

Side View (Velo)

Wire-O- Up to 400 Pages

This is a metal comb that bends around the pre-punched sheets. The comb is like a metallic outline of the GBC Comb. It has a cool style to it, and the document will lay flat also. Our max comb holds 400 double-sided pages.

Side View (Wire-o)

3 Hole Punch (3HP)- No Page Limit

Our last one is old 3HP. Use this for stuff you already have a binder for.  Binder Not Included

Side View (3HP)